We understand

We understand that great optometric practices need great talent!  With more than 40 years’ experience running multiple successful optometric practices, we know the importance of frontline excellence and the training and recruiting needs of an optometric practice.

An Eye for great talent

Firstly, we identify great talent.  We know what is needed for a practice to reach its full potential.  All internship candidates are handpicked and went through a rigorous interview and application process.

Train, train, train!

Yes, then we train these talented trainees and prospective interns.  They understand what is expected of them, they are eager to learn, and they want to become part of a great team.  The training consists of theoretical information, workshops, role-play and practical know-how, evaluations and exams.

Internship Programme

After the training, we place these talented interns at handpicked Optometric practices for a three months internship programme, to gain priceless experience.  All interns get paid a basic salary.  We keep in touch with all interns during their internship programme and offer support to both the practice and intern where necessary.

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The Future

After the completion of the internship programme, the practice may offer the intern a permanent position; for a nominal fee. If for whatever reason you do not permanently employ the intern, we will assist them to apply for positions at suitable practices.

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Further Training

We offer further training programmes for more advanced development.